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For almost thirty years, the team here at Abastra has been dealing with some of the most hazardous building materials still present in the UK today – asbestos and lead paint. Providing surveys, testing, and removal solutions to domestic customers and commercial clients across the country, we have built up a reputation for excellence and professionalism that has yet to be matched.

On this page, you will find a few examples of the projects we have been involved in, and the type of work that we have undertaken. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the hazards and the work involved in the services we provide, as well as demonstrating the high levels of skill possessed by our well-trained and seasoned team of professional technicians.

Read through these case studies at your leisure, then give us a call on 01268 411 355 for all your domestic and commercial enquiries to sort out your own lead paint and asbestos concerns.

Case studies

Location: Leicester
Description: Environmental clean of a large distribution centre. 
Contract Value: 2020 – £71,000

Location: Central London
Description: Removal of lead-based paint as part of a major infrastructure project.
Contract Value: 2020 – £47,000

Location: Brighton
Description: Removal of insulation residue identified throughout the loft space of a school.
Contract Value: 2020 – £36,000

Location: Central London
Description: Asbestos and Lead Paint removal within the basement of a large department store as part of a major refurbishment project.
Contract Value: 2019 – £295,000

Location: Central London
Description:Removal of various asbestos-based materials as part of a major refurbishment project.  Contract Value: 2019 – £250,000

Location: London
Description: Undertake Asbestos Pre Refurbishment, Lead Paint and Anthrax Surveys.
Contract Value: 2018 – £19,680

Location: London
Description: Removal of AIB to walls and Ceiling prior to demolition.
Contract Value: 2018 – £36,750

Location: London
Description: Removal of AIB Debris to lift Shaft & Removal of insulation Residue to 2 Boiler Rooms
Contract Value: 2018 – £28,000

Location: Eastbourne
Description: Removal of Non-Asbestos Ceilings, Removal of AIB and Associated debris identified within ceiling Voids and the Reinstatement of new inlay Ceilings
Contract Value: 2018 – Estimated £75,000

Location: London
Description: Asbestos Remedial works as part of demolition and rebuild
Contract Value: 2018 – £265,000

Location: London
Description: External Asbestos Remedial Work to 2N° Tower Blocks.
Contract Value: 2017 – £155,000

Location: Hammersmith
Description: Asbestos Surveying and Remedial Works to the 1 Lyric Sq (a 12 story office block) and also to individual units within the shopping centre.
Contract Value: 2017 – £58,000

Location: Yeadon, West Yorkshire
Description: Removal of Flock to Structural steel work.
Contact Value: 2017 – £95,000

Location: London
Removal of pipework and associated insulation to boiler room including removal of residue to walls using Falcon Quill Dustless Blast System.
Contract Value: 2017 – £31,000

Location: Manchester
Description: To remove, under controlled conditions, suspected asbestos debris and associated rubble.
Contract Value: 2017 – £64,500

Location: Notts
Description: To remove, under fully enclosed controlled conditions, asbestos insulation reside to the main and small boiler room walls and also the plant room and swimming pool tunnel walls. To carry out remedial works to additional areas throughout the college
Contract Value: 2017 – £64,500

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Based in Basildon, Essex, much of our work focusses on London and the South East, including Luton, Basildon, Chelmsford, Maidstone, Eastbourne, Brighton, Southampton, and Portsmouth. However, we remain a national firm, covering all the UK.

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