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For almost three decades now, the team of trained asbestos professionals at Abastra have been providing clients across the country with essential asbestos removal and lead paint removal services. Based in Essex, we have expanded our area of operations to cover the whole of the UK, including our valued clients in Liverpool and the surrounding region. In the years that we have been in business, we have earned ourselves a reputation for excellence and our commitment to health and safety in an industry renowned for its potential hazards. Much of that reputation is thanks to our dedicated team of technicians – though we must also recognise the many recommendations we have received from our thousands of satisfied customers  across the country.

Asbestos testing Liverpool

As the country’s leading provider of asbestos surveys, asbestos testing, lead paint surveys, and more, we have plenty to offer our Liverpool clients. Here are some of our more popular services.
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Asbestos surveys and asbestos testing in Liverpool

If your property is displaying evidence of asbestos, it is essential you contact Abastra as a matter of urgency. We can run an extensive asbestos survey at the same time as our asbestos testing process, allowing us to determine the full extent of the hazard.

Asbestos removal in Liverpool

Once asbestos has been identified, our team of skilled technicians will be in a position to remove the hazardous material. All asbestos removals are undertaken with due thought to safety and security.

Lead paint surveys in Liverpool

After asbestos, lead paint is perhaps the next most common health hazard found in buildings across Britain. If you have reason to believe that your paintwork contains lead, allow us to run an in-depth lead paint survey to confirm it.

Lead paint removal in Liverpool

Lead paint removal requires the stripping of any affected paintwork from your building using specialist equipment. The lead paint flakes are then disposed of safely and securely.

Other services

When there is no need to fully remove the hazardous materials, we can instead choose to do some remedial and encapsulation work on the affected area. This process will leave the property safe for use and is also a more cost-effective solution than removal.


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A nationwide asbestos removal firm

We are based in Basildon, Essex and much of our work is centred around the South East region. However, our well-earned reputation for excellence has put us in demand across the whole country. Now, not only do we provide the people of Luton, Basildon, Chelmsford, Maidstone, Eastbourne, Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth with high-quality asbestos and lead paint removal services, but we also travel across the country, delivering the same service to clients in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and beyond.

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One hundred years of experience

As a company, we have been trading for over thirty years, which is impressive enough. However, our team of dedicated asbestos removal and lead paint removal experts have been involved in the industry for more than 100 years between them. It is this level of experience that makes Abastra such a trusted name amongst our Liverpool clients concerned about their lead paint or asbestos situation.

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For commercial and domestic asbestos removal and commercial lead paint removal in Liverpool, call Abastra today on 01268 411355, for a free, no-obligation quote.

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