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A room which has been stripped and cleared out.

Stripping your

property, quickly

and safely

At Abastra we can strip your whole entire property back to the structure and then recycle any materials or plant that can be saved. All of this will be done by our team so you will only have to deal with a single contractor throughout the whole process.


The soft strip of a property is usually required in order to prepare the property for either refurbishment or demolition.


Lifts and roof plant can also be accommodated in our soft strip plan which makes this service very attractive to prospective customers.


If you have a project in development and would be interested in recycling or reusing particular elements of the existing structure, or you simply wish to ensure the safe disposal of the old interior, why not contact Abastra to discuss the option available to you.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly soft strip service?

• Boilers

• Air conditioning

• Lighting

• Power

• Plumbing

• Flooring finishes

• Ceilings

• Wall Accessories

• Doors

• Architraves

• Skirtings

• Non-load bearing partitions

• Staircases

Our soft strip service includes the removal of: