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Detection, control

and removal

of lead paints

If you suspect the presence of lead paint then call in Abastra Environmental Ltd. We are experienced in identifying and then providing advice on the best course of action.


You may think that with all the previous publicity revolving around the dangers of lead paints that they don't exist anymore. You're right in thinking they are no longer manufactured but plenty of older installation still have surfaces painted with it.


These surfaces are now getting old and starting to deteriorate and this is where the danger lies if ingested.


We can employ a specialist analyst who will be able to identify if the paint contains lead. If it is, we can then advise you in what action you should take, e.g. what control measures to implement.


Your safety is paramount to us at all times, so be safe rather than sorry and if you suspect that lead paint has been used in your building, contact Abastra now and have the peace of mind letting a specialist advise and assist you.

Lead paint specialists based in Kent but covering the UK

Lead can cause numerous medical issues including problems with the:


• Kidneys

• Nervous system

• Brain

What are the dangers of lead paint?

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