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Removing asbestos from your home

or office

We at Abastra have extensive experience in the surveying, removal, disposal and management of asbestos throughout London and the surrounding counties.


If you suspect the presence of asbestos or require an asbestos survey to be carried out for procedural purposes then contact us and we will guide you through every step of the process.


We will establish whether asbestos is present in your property and then advise you accordingly. Every step of the way ensuring the safety of all concerned.


Should the asbestos require removal, we can carry out the works, including disposal and issue the appropriate certification.


If it is established that asbestos is present in a property but it does not require removal, then it must be managed and checked at regular intervals. We can provide this ongoing advice and support to assist you to fulfill your legal obligations.


Our service is personal, catered completely to you and keeping everyone in your property safe. If you would like to contact us to find out further information then please give us a call.

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